May 16, 2023

2023-06-29 | 19:58:39

"Great Service! Driver is punctual and oriented unit just how I wanted it. Friendly customer service. Highly Recommend !"
September 16, 2022

Homeowner, Awesome Human

"Christine is SO NICE. Her husband, who delivered the unit, was SO NICE. This was dropped off when I was at work--when I arrived home, I was SO HAPPY. The storage cube is CLEAN AS A WHISTLE inside & out. It's placed exactly where we requested. Wait time between order and delivery was maybe a week. Clear, speedy and concise communication with Christine. "
April 27, 2022

William Aust | 2022-04-26 17:43:48

"Hi Christine, I just wanted to mention that my experience with your company and the shipping container has exceeded my expectations in every way. You worked with the town to deal with soft/wet roads and get it delivered promptly. The container is in perfect condition. The container was delivered to the perfect location despite me not being there to show the delivery guy. The container was leveled which made a significant difference for how we are currently using it. $85/month really seems like a great deal when compared to other storage solutions. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and whoever delivered the container. Have a good day, Bill"
July 21, 2021

2022-10-06 | 16:13:13

"Very professional in their communication. Very polite and friendly service. Delivery guy was respectful and very accommodating."
June 22, 2021

Sales & Purchasing

"I work in the Sales & Purchasing Department at Fecteau Homes in Montpelier. We needed a Storage Container and were originally looking at purchasing a 40' unit. Christine worked diligently to locate one for us only to have us end up switching to a 20' container for easier moving and relocation to various jobsites. She once again came through and located a 20' unit to meet our needs. The whole time she was extremely helpful and accommodating. The delivery was on time and placed exactly where we wanted it. I would HIGHLY recommend Abanaki Containers as they are very customer oriented and understand what quality customer service is all about. "